How it works


Register by filling in your details along with a short resume. Once we have received your information, our friendly screening agent will be in contact to ensure that you are a human residing on earth with good intentions at heart and fit to work at the listed restaurants.

What is Skillshift?
How does it work?


Once the screening process is complete, you are listed as an official “Shifter” with rights to apply for any available shift on the platform, but be careful, Shifts can be approved in minutes and you may start your shift within the next hour. Choose wisely.


Arrive at work on time. Complete your duties professionally and receive payment from the restaurant once your Shift is completed. Continue living your best life and decide when and where you would be "Shifting" next. Work Responsibly.

What is Skillshift?
What is Skillshift?


SkillShift is an on-demand recruitment platform that connects restaurants to temporary workers in a fast and effective way. Waitrons, bartenders, baristas can easily find and book Shifts online to match their individual needs. In turn, restaurants utilize SkillShift to ensure that they are never short-staffed again.